Saturday, October 1, 2011

Our Own Crazy Invention

I am so lucky to be able to work with our high school colorguard.  I have a great group of girls this year and we are slowly adjusting to me not being at rehearsals everyday to fix drill, fix routines, and put out fires.

For years we have joked around with putting two poles together and trying to spin them so there would be a flag at each end.  Wouldn't it be so cool to actually put two flags on one pole and then spin???  Unfortunately, all of our existing flags were too wide to pull this off and I did not have the know or the ability to make smaller flags specifically for that purpose.

That was before I found a great friend who knows how to sew flags.  She showed us how to pin and sew our giant silver flags last year.  One of my girls knows how to sew so we went on a shopping trip this summer in search of some cool flag material.  We knew we were doing a Beach Boys show so we selected four bright colors to use on the field, purple, pink, green, and white.  There was a lot of debate at first about whether we should put two flags of the same color on each pole or two different colors.  The routine is really pretty basic but with the added weight on the poles, it is a real wrist and shoulder killer (at least for me).  Our crazy experiment has been deemed a success.  We really like the look of the double flags on the field even though it is somewhat difficult to get it clean, it keeps improving every time I see it!  Curious????  Well, here it is!