Wednesday, April 28, 2010

6th Grade Band Tour

Yesterday was the 6th Grade Band Tour.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day.  The sun was shining, the kids behaved (mostly).  We got to play for two great groups of elementary students.  It is always so fun to watch the reactions of the little kids to the music and as we introduce the instruments of the band.  This year we had an animal theme so the kids got to play such fun pieces as "The Waltzing Giraffe," "Early Byrd," "Tyranasaurus Rocks," "Name Those Tunes" (which included songs about animals), and my personal favorite, "When the Rhinos Do the Rhumba in the Rain." 

The best part of the day was watching the kids play at the park where we ate lunch.  The girls started playing "baseball."  They didn't have a ball or bat, but they didn't need it.  We sat and watched them for quite a while.  The boys came over and tried to play but they didn't seem to have the imagination (or respect for the rules) as the girls did.  Everyone made it home safe and sound.  Its always an adventure!! 

Friday, April 23, 2010

Who's on First??

I was cleaning the kitchen when this came up on my iPod.  It doesn't matter how many times I see it or hear it, it always makes me laugh.  Enjoy!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Remembering OKC

Today is the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing.  I can still remember the day it happened.  I was in college and I remembering rushing back to the Annex to watch the coverage on TV.    I remembering them talking about how there was a day care center at almost the center of the blast.  People pulling kids out of the rubble.  So incredibly sad.....

The information that came out in the following days and weeks was shocking.  The truck was rented in Junction City.  The blasting caps that were used in the bomb were stolen from a rock quarry not far from my parents' house.  The FBI/ATF actually made a visit to the farm to ask Dad questions.  He said they were pretty much like you see them on TV, black cars, black suits, sunglasses.

That summer I had the opportunity to go to Oklahoma for the International Clarinet Convention at OU.  There was a group of us that drove down together and one of the first things we did was go to the site.  They had imploded the building 3 days before we got down there.  As we got closer to downtown, we started seeing orange circles painted on the streets and on buildings.  We found out later that these circles marked the spots where debris was found.  The shockwaves from the explosion were felt as far away as Norman.  We walked the fence that was constructed around what remained of the building.  The entire thing was covered with memorials for the people who had lost their lives.  Somewhere I have the pictures that I took on that trip.  I remember that in the surrounding blocks were a YMCA, an apartments building, and a church.  I think the church is the only structure still standing.  Most of the windows in a 3 block radius were all blown out out. 

 We went through OKC a few years ago and visited the memorial.  Garth Brooks made a video for his song "The Change" with footage from 15 years ago.   Being a native Oklahoman he felt he needed to do something.  It is a great video and song.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Opening Day Pictures

Here are some shots from opening day.  Enjoy!!

This is the collection of bobbleheads that can be found in the Hall of Fame.  Sadly, most of these are in my house right now.............................

I still marvel at the new scoreboard.  Look how good DeJesus and Soria look!!!!!!!!!

And lastly, this one is for you my favorite photo boy!!!!!  This is the number 5 made out of 3,000+ baseballs for George Brett.  I thought the reflection of the balls in the blue base was rather cool.  This is the desktop on my computer right now.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Opening Day

Yesterday was the Opening Day for baseball season.  This year was my second Opening Day, last year being the first.  This year was much warmer than last year.  This year's wardrobe was shorts, my Royals batting practice jersey, and my Royals sweatshirt for part of the day.  Last year's wardrobe was jeans, long sleeve shirt, Royals powder blue golf jacket, and Royals sweatshirt, and gloves.  Definitely preferred this year's weather!

We got to the stadium early and walked around.  Not as much hype as last year.  I still enjoy walking by the fountains though.  In my opinion, that has been the coolest part of the stadium renovation.  For 34 years of my life, the fountains were a forbidden area, now you can walk behind them, in front of them, it is so cool!  We went through the Hall of Fame again.  I had my camera this time so I took some pictures.  I love the #5 made out of baseballs for George Brett.  Rivaled only by the pine tar bat and home plate.

Grienke pitched an okay game.  He held the Tigers to only 2 runs, one of which was unearned.  Willie Bloomquist made some absolutely amazing plays at 3rd base.  He really needed to after he missed the pop fly at the mound (I thought it was a tough catch but they still gave him the error).  I was a little disappointed that Alberto, Mitch Maier, and Mike Aviles didn't play.  The three guys with the best batting average coming out of Spring Training and they sit the bench on Opening Day.  WHAT THE HECK?!?!?  I was happy to see that Mark Grudzielanek started at 2nd base for Cleveland and that Mark Teahen started at 3rd base for Chicago.

The start of baseball season also signals the beginning of Fantasy League Baseball.  I am in a league with a bunch of guys.  A few former CC teachers (Larry, Sonny), some former students and a couple of guys I don't even know.  Wouldn't you know my week one match up is against Ray's Ghosts (aka my husband's team).  He is going down!!!!  In case you are wondering the name of my team is Tanaka's Marbles.  If you haven't seen Major League 2 then that won't make much sense, if you have I'm sure you are replaying the scene in your head as you finish reading this sentence.  Maybe I'll post a video if I can find it...........