Monday, June 27, 2011

Harvest 2011 Pics

Dad cutting on Boetcher's

Fairly strong south wind that day so sitting across the road was less dusty.

Both combines going!

One of our fields has a set of railroad tracks running through it.

This is the evidence of my first two times getting stuck.  The first time I was able to back out of it and get going again.  I almost made it to the corn field before it started spinning again.  The third time was in a different field and required being pulled out by a combine.


The sun starting to set on our first full day of cutting.

What we lovingly refer to as the swamp.  Hopefully some new road construction will help it drain a little better..........

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Favorite Five

5.  Getting that phone call to let me know that my truck driving services will be needed.

4.  Pulling into the Co-op for the first time and getting my usual "KG Girl!!!" greeting.  That means harvest has officially begun.

3.  Sitting on the ladder of the truck watching the birds fly by.....

2.  This year's new twist, coming nose to nose with a bright yellow bi-plane that was spraying some pastures.  We popped up over the same hill at about the same time.  That's not something you see everyday!

1. Just sitting in the field.  I can read, I can listen to my iPod, or I can do nothing at all.  Nothing but the roar of the combines and the wind.

Now, my least favorite thing from this week was the 2.5 inches of rain, strong winds, and hail that hit after my first day here.  Most of the wheat is still looking okay, the corn, not so great in spots, and a lot of trees down.  We spent almost all Saturday afternoon picking up limbs at the farm and at Grandma's.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Favorite Five of the Week

5.  Got to go golfing.  I played absolutely horrible but a bad day on the golf course is better than a good day at work.

4.  Started back with the daily walking with Sharon!!

3.  Three nights in Con.  Two nights were practices and one was our saxophone gig concert.  I got to play bari this time.  Oh how I love that instrument!!

2.  My nieces 6th birthday party.  We had it right after my sax gig and both grandmas got to come.

1.  Symphony in the Flints Hills.  Another fabulous day in the prairies of Kansas.  The weather was absolutely perfect this year, the sun was shining but it wasn't too hot, a slight breeze but not too windy.  I saw lots of old friends from back home, some new friends from here in town, and even some old friends that now live in St. Louis.  I, however, did not get to see my friend from high school that now lives in Illinois.  We kept missing each other and cell service was sketchy so we never made contact.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Quite an Imagination!

To finish out the school year, our art teacher had the kids do group projects.  They were supposed to draw a picture of their favorite things from the school year.  The above picture is what one creative Kindergarten student drew.
Art teacher:  "Is that the music shack?"
Kindergarten girl:  "Yes"
Art teacher:  "Is that Mrs. B standing out front?"
Kindergarten girl:  "Yes"
Art teacher:  "Is Mrs. B. wearing a dress??"
Kindergarten girl:  (giggles)  "Yes"

Now keeping in mind that none of these students have seen me in a dress this year (or ever!), and the fact that I know this girl's mom and she wears dresses about as much as I do, just goes to show what a great imagination and sense of humor she has!