Saturday, July 23, 2011

Six Appeal

What is Six Appeal???  Six Appeal is an acapella group.  The core of the group met while attending Concordia College in Minnesota.  I have always loved acapella music.  I remember coming home from school to watch Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego on PBS.  It wasn't that I was hooked on geography, but because I loved the group Rockapella that sang on the show.  Since then, I have loved acapella music.

There is another reason why I like Six Appeal though.  See the guy in the picture in the glasses?  That is Michael Brookens from Marion.  Michael was just a little squirt when I was in high school.  His dad directed the church choir, his mom played the organ, and I believe Michael was in the group of little kids that I had convinced that with some simple tongue stretching exercises, they would be able to touch their nose with their tongue just like I could.

Six Appeal's music was just recently released on iTunes.  So, look them up and take a listen.  Michael does some of the arranging for the group and has also written some original songs.  Who knows, some day they may make it really big and I can say "I knew him when," and you can say you heard about them here first!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Too Hot to Blog?????

Well, we are on our second week of 100+ temperatures.  There's a Mark Chestnutt song with the words "too hot to fish, too hot to golf, and too cold at home."  Well, its definitely not too cold at home and I'm planning on playing golf the next 2 days so that must not be true either. 

I would be nice if it would cool off just a little so I can get down to the farm.  I owe some friends a trip down since it didn't work out for them to come for wheat harvest.  At least I'm not on a school bus with 48 kids like I was last week!!